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To assist you in configuring applications that are designed efficiently and installed properly, the following documents are provided:

PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the product file documents. If you do not have this program then simply download here. To download any of the PDF's, simply click on one of the links below to open the file in your corresponding browser or save the file to your hard drive by right clicking on it with your mouse and selecting Save Target As.

View, Download or Print:
PCM2000 Configuration Guide (PDF - 2.3 MB)
Loudspeaker Installation Guide (PDF - 846 KB)
Telephone Paging Systems: A How-to Guide (PDF - 1 MB)
Sound Pressure Levels Chart (PDF - 202 KB)
Paging Site Survey Form (PDF - 423 KB)
Amplifier Features Comparison Chart (PDF - 174 KB)
Amplifier Specs Comparison Chart (PDF - 276 KB)
Architect and Engineer (A&E) Specs (Word doc. 512 KB)

Additional Information:

System Design & Buying Guide (Product Catalog)
Document Index (A-Z list of models)