Bogen WBS810T725 Wall Baffle Speaker


Product Description

  • 4W capacity
  • 8" cone speaker for excellent audio quality
  • 6 power taps available (4W, 2W, 1W, 1/2W, 1/4W, 1/8W)
  • Simulated walnut finish
  • Available with volume control
  • Pre-assembled for faster installation
  • Works with both 70V and 25V amplifier outputs

  • Labor-saving, factory-assembled versions of the S86 and S810 loudspeakers are available. Both can be ordered with the model T725 transformer mounted and wired. The S86 can also be ordered with a transformer and terminal strip for easy connection to the audio line. For even greater convenience and time-savings, the speakers are available fully-assembled on a white ceiling grille (model PG8W) for recessed installation, or in a wallmounting baffle (model WB8). The assembled version options include a volume control (recessed or knob) and/or terminal strip.

    WBS8T725 & WBS810T725 Assemblies with Transformer & Wall Baffle
    The S86 and S810 loudspeakers with model T725 transformer are available mounted to the WB8 baffle. The list below shows all the available configurations:
    WBS8T725V WBS8T725BR WBS8T725BRV WBS810T725
    S86T725 mounted in a WB8 baffle
    WBS8T725 with recessed volume control (-V)
    WBS8T725 with terminal strip (-BR)
    WBS8T725BR with recessed volume control (-V)
    S810T725 mounted in WB8 baffle

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