Bogen SI35A Desktop Control Center 25 to 75 Rooms


Product Description

To meet the increasing demand for fast, reliable, and efficient intercommunication in small to medium-sized schools, Bogen has developed the SI35A Desktop Control Center. Incorporating the major features of Bogens larger custom-engineered school systems in a cost- and space-saving design, the SI35A provides a 20- watt intercom amplifier to permit instant intercommunication with any speaker-equipped location, and a separate program amplifier for simultaneous distribution of program material to other rooms or locations. The system also features an emergency page capability for emergency announcements to all stations at once. The SI35A can be furnished with 1, 2 or 3 room selector panels (each with 25 switches), to accommodate up to 25, 50, or 75 rooms. Step-by-step instructions and color-coded guidelines, permanently printed on the control panel, allow easy operation, even by firsttime users.
The SI35A provides complete facilities for distributing a variety of program materials from optional equipment such as microphones, cassette tape player- FM/AM tuner, or other source. Selection of program material, as well as its distribution to selected rooms is accomplished with simple push-button program selection and by following the color-coded guidelines. The powerful program amplifier provides 35 watts RMS to ensure that program material and emergency announcements are clearly heard and easily understood. Facilities for aural and visual monitoring of program material, as well as level controls, are provided. Provisions are included to transmit a time tone for classroom changes, etc. Emergency announcements to all classrooms are accomplished with a single push button. These announcements take precedence over all system functions and are transmitted at a predetermined level.
Provisions are included to permit emergency paging from a remote telephone, interphone, or microphone. Teachers converse hands-free with the control center operator over their individual classroom speaker. Calls to staff locations are announced by a supervisory tone signal, which repeats at regular intervals to indicate that the channel is open and the room is being monitored. Classrooms can be equipped with call-in switches to call the control center. Call-in switches can include classroom privacy control to positively prevent monitoring. Provisions are included for voice call-in. Modern functional styling permits the installation of a cassette tape player-FM/AM tuner when system capacity does not exceed 50 stations.
The SI35A operates from a 120V AC, 60Hz source, and consumes no more than 100 watts. An auxiliary power receptacle is provided for accessory equipment. The unit is enclosed in a sturdy desktop cabinet, and finished.

  • Cost-effective communication for 25 to 75 rooms
  • Color-coded guidelines for easy operation
  • Instant EMERGENCY and ALL ROOMS announcements
  • Remote emergency paging capabilities
  • 20-watt intercom; separate 35-watt program channel
  • Provision for time signalling, telco and voice call-in

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