Bogen S86T725 Speaker/Transformer Assemblies


Product Description

  • High quality, direct radiator speakers
  • 7 watts and 15 watts power handling capacity
  • Provision for quick attachment of transformer
  • Available with transformer mounted and wired
The Bogen Models S86 and S810 8" cone-type loudspeakers provide excellent sound quality and troublefree operation. Their magnetic structure is designed for maximum air gap energy and the diaphragms have been selected for high sensitivity and optimized response characteristics. The speakers are easy to install in ceiling grilles or wall baffles. Mounting holes have been provided for quick attachment of a transformer. Transformers include the Model T725, which matches an 8-ohm speaker to a 25- or 70-volt line with six power taps for either voltage (4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 watt), and the Model T72510 which matches an 8- ohm speaker to a 25- or 70-volt line with five power taps for either voltage (10, 5, 2-1/2, 1-1/4, 5/8 watts). The S86 and S810 are available in factory assembled versions, with the Model T725 transformer already mounted. The S86 assembly is also available with a terminal strip (-BR), and volume control (-V).

Bogen also offers the speakers, fully assembled with a transformer, in an attractively finished wall baffle (Model WB8), or in ceiling grilles for recessed installation. Assemblies are also available with optional volume control and/or terminal strip. Click here to view specs. Labor-saving, factory-assembled versions of the S86 and S810 loudspeakers are available. Both can be ordered with the model T725 transformer mounted and wired. The S86 can also be ordered with a transformer and terminal strip for easy connection to the audio line.

For even greater convenience and time-savings, the speakers are available fully-assembled on a white ceiling grille (model PG8W) for recessed installation, or in a wallmounting baffle (model WB8). The assembled version options include a volume control (recessed or knob) and/or terminal strip.

S86T725(BR) & S810T725 Assemblies with Transformer
The basic factory-assembled loudspeaker. Includes the S86 or S810 speaker with model T725 transformer mounted and wired. The S86 can also be ordered with a terminal strip (S86T725-BR).

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