Bogen PRS40C Power Supply


Product Description

Bogen DC Power Supplies are designed to supply power to battery-operated and other low voltage DC equipment from a 120V AC source. They are rugged, versatile, and dependable, and are suitable for many types of telephone paging equipment, amplified speakers and horns, tone generators, and intercom systems.
The PRS40C provides 12V DC for equipment requiring up to 300 mA, and is UL listed. The PRS48 provides 48V DC at 100 mA, as required for various telephone paging access devices.The PRS48 is UL Listed. Models PRS624DA and PRSASAC feature the capability of providing 24V DC at 35 mA Loop Current to the TIP and RING lines of a loop-start trunk or key-system CO line. The PRS624DA, a dual power supply, provides 24V DC at 4A and separate 250 mA talk battery supply.The unit features a replaceable fuse, short-circuit protection and LED indicator. The PRSASAC provides regulated 24V DC at 450 mA. The unit features heavy-duty construction, wall-mounting flange, recessed barrier strip and a three-wire line cord terminated in a three-prong plug. UL and CSA listed. The Models RF12A and RF24A are regulated power supplies that can be used for applications requiring 12V DC at 1A (RF12A) or 24V DC at 1A (RF24A).The RF12A is normally used with Bogens™ CM-Series Intercom System.

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