BOGEN MVP210BG Voice Over IP Gateway


Product Description

Bogens™ overhead paging products and Multi-Tech Systems VOIP products together enable businesses to provide company-wide overhead paging to locations within a facility or across a campus, without running new lines. Bogens™ Telephone Access Modules and amplifiers integrate seamlessly with Multi-Techs™ MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateways (VOIP) to provide overhead voice paging over IP networks. Now, a business can make a company-wide announcement or page employees across a campus of offices more efficiently. They can even page remote office locations located thousands of miles away.
This powerful combination eliminates the need for new wiring required by traditional overhead paging systems, explains Dave Chambers, Senior Vice President of Sales, Bogen Communications. In most cases, running new wire between office locations is expensive or impossible, considering it might be to many sites across the country, or even around the world. Leased lines and excessive long distance bills are becoming a thing of the past with VOIP.
Bogens™ single-zone or multi-zone paging interfaces (TAMB, PCM2000, or ZPM3) and broad array of audio paging equipment connect to Multi-Techs™ MultiVOIP gateways to enable voice pages directly through the IP data network. Businesses with multiple buildings are already networked via Ethernet, said Chambers. The MultiVOIP gateways allow us to use this connection to the wide area network as a conduit for our voice paging systems.
The MultiVOIP gateway connects directly to the Bogen zone paging systems or interface devices, which are compatible with virtually any telephone port type. This MultiVOIP gateway sends a voice page onto the IP network. It then utilizes another MultiVOIP gateway, at the remote end, to separate the voice page from the data network and send it to the amplifier. To make a page, the user simply dials a particular paging zone number, and the page is ready to be sent to individual buildings, zones within them, or be heard throughout the entire system as an all-call page “ however the user directs the call to be sent. Without this innovative joint solution, most multi-location businesses would simply give up on the idea of company-wide overhead paging at remote or difficult to reach locations because of the cost, said Chambers. Now we can provide these businesses with a cost-effective means to render emergency alerts, make general broadcast announcements, and ultimately improve overall internal communications with a simultaneous paging solution “ not to mention enhancing employee safety, a key concern today.

Solution Benefits:

  • Wire-free overhead paging across multiple buildings on campus, within facilities, or to remote offices located even thousands of miles away
  • Utilizes existing Ethernet network
  • Improves interoffice communication
  • Provides a means for company-wide emergency alerts or general announcements

Solution Components:
  • Telephone Access Module (TAMB), PCM2000 Paging Control Module system, or ZPM3 Zone Paging Module
  • Telephone Paging Amplifier(s) and speakers
  • MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateways at each location

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