BOGEN ASWG1DK Wall Ceiling Mount with AS1 w/ Detachable Knob


Product Description

Bogen Model AS-1 is an eight-inch, cone-type loudspeaker,complete with a built-in amplifier and volume control, designed for telephone paging applications. It is engineered to provide excellent sound quality and trouble-free operation. A compact, all solid-state IC amplifier eliminates the need for a centralized paging amplifier and permits the adjustment of the paging volume level at each speaker location in the system. The amplifier operates on 24V DC power, has an input impedance of 1000 ohms,and a rated output of one watt into a 45-ohm speaker. Up to nine AS-1 units can be driven by a single Bogen Model PRS-ASAC Power Supply (refer to publication number 54-7610 for power supply specifications).
AS-1 amplified speakers can be used in conjunction with Bogens™ TAM-B Telephone Access Module, or connected directly to a 600-ohm paging interface for an easy-to-install, inexpensive paging and background music system that integrates with telephone systems. Model AS-1 is available unmounted,or fully assembled in an attractive wall baffle finished in simulated walnut (Model ASWB-1),on a white semi-gloss enameled ceiling grille (Model ASWG-1).

  • Ideal for telephone-paging systems
  • Interfaces with standard 600-ohm telephone line
  • Self-contained amplifier ” cost-efficient for small systems
  • Built-in volume control
  • Easy installation using standard telephone station wire

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