Bogen ANS500M Microphone Module


Product Description

Click here to view the manual. The Bogen Ambient Noise Sensor system is designed to electronically adjust the level of a page announcement and/or background music in an area of a building where ambient noise levels are continuously changing. The system consists of the control module (Model ANS500), power supply (ANS500PS), and up to four (4) microphone modules (ANS500M) wired in parallel. The system ensures that page announcements and music are audible even during periods of high noise levels. When the signal is boosted, the frequency response is shaped so that speech articulation becomes more intelligible. The shaped frequency response also eliminates distortion in music reproduction. The system continuously monitors the ambient noise level through the microphone module located in the subject area.
The microphone module is connected to the control unit, which is located adjacent to the paging amplifier. The wire run between control unit and microphone module consists of 2-conductor AWG20, and can reach 2,000 feet with no appreciable loss of signal strength. The microphone module includes an adjustable mounting bracket for precise positioning. The system is powered by a 24-volt power supply (Model ANS500PS), which operates from 120V AC. Current draw is 30mA. As ordered from the factory, the system consists of one ANS500 control unit, one ANS500M microphone module, and one ANS500PS power supply. Additional microphone modules may be ordered separately.
Dimensions of the control unit are 6-3/4" W x 4-1/8" H x 1-1/4" D. Dimensions of the microphone module are 2" W x 2-1/8" H x 7/8" D. Model ANS500 Control Unit Model ANS500M Microphone Module Model ANS500PS Power Supply.

  • Automatically adjusts level of page announcements
  • Supports up to four microphones wired in parallel
  • Shapes frequency response for maximum intelligibility in high noise areas
  • Wire run up to 2,000 feet with no appreciable loss of signal
  • Slow or fast ramp-up (default slow)

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